I’m a lot like you

I've learnt through personal experience that NOT living in alignment with your heart and purpose has its cost. In my case, for a period of time I ended up following a career path which appeared to present the best solution to meeting personal and financial commitments and obligations. But this had its costs – initially in a break of connection to my true heart and purpose, suppression of my voice and spirit, and eventually, serious costs to my personal health, with the diagnosis of testicular cancer.

This was a real wakeup call, and inspired a reassessment of how I was living and working. I have pursued a path of self exploration for the best part of 20 years, and now was the time to put these learnings into practice, taking control of the wheel and setting out on a new journey in my working life that is a true expression of who I am in the world, and where I can offer a full expression of my gifts.

What followed was some serious questioning of how I was spending my days. I tackled some core beliefs, challenging the idea that its ok if work does not connect with who I am, or we are. I took my time, and took steps (including engaging my own personal coach) to connect with my own vision for how my life and work should develop, in a way that was commensurate with who I was, not following some idea I or anyone else thought I should be.

In the process of detaching myself from the way I’d been working, I tackled my mindsets around work and money, addressed family and relationship issues (including roles as a father and husband) and discussed new ways of working in partnership whilst also connecting with work with nourishes me – generating not only a healthy income, but real abundance – not just in monetary terms, but in the way of life it allows me, and us, to live.

I can truthfully say, this is all possible for you, too.

Kevin is a transformational life coach and mentor with extensive training and experience in personal transformation and wellbeing practices. He offers one-to-one coaching with clients, empowering them to build a life which is aligned with their heart and purpose.



'Coaching with Kevin is a worthwhile investment for any aspect of life or business. 
His approach is un-fluffy and practical whilst at the same time helps to unpack & clear 
deeper level distractions, blocks or unknown obstacles that are hindering progress.’


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