Who is it for?


You are someone who is at a stage of their life, who has realised that NOT living in alignment with your heart and purpose is costing you. It may be costing you in terms of your personal health, your life, your work. You may be following a path in your career that no longer serves you, or you have ended up on a path that serves a purpose, but which does not nourish your soul, or spirit. It may even be destroying it. The way you are living, working, is not aligned with your vision. You may have even lost touch with what that vision actually is.

Connection with heart and purpose

You are likely to be someone who wants to connect to their own heart and purpose. You're one of the countless, who, starved of fulfilling their own dreams, are unable to make a telling contribution to, and connection with the wider world. The frustration at not finding and fulfilling your purpose is preventing you from fulfilling an even greater one, in service to the people in your lives, your community, and the world you live in.

You want to make a difference, right?

I work with men and women of all ages, and all life stages, looking to rediscover or reconnect with a way of life and work which nourishes themselves and others, and (invariably) will offer a path towards making a greater contribution to the wider world.

‘Mid-life transition’

With a history of involvement in spiritual and self development work; 10+ years experience in Mens work, and, being a married man and father in my 40s, I specialise in providing support to men who find themselves going through, shall we say, a ‘mid-life transition.’ This occurs when it has become apparent that your commitments and responsibilities need to be balanced with your desire to fulfill your own purpose. You know its time to make a change, and time is of the essence.


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*Be warned – this is not for the faint of heart. My one-to-one coaching is designed exclusively for people who are committed to building a life which is aligned with their heart and purpose – whatever it takes.