Facebook Live Series launched!

Tonight saw the launch of my 10x10 Life Navigation Taster Series, a series of Facebook Live sessions I’ll be running over the next 10 weeks, where I’ll be exploring some of the themes I cover through my one-to-one coaching, and inviting viewers to ask any questions they have.

What you could learn if you watch the video

In this session, I begin with a brief history of my exploration of vision in my own life, and how I bring it into my coaching. I touch on aspects of vision, why it’s useful to work with. I explain how it is often used as a framework throughout a coaching journey with a client, which can support the process of bringing a particular vision into existence. It can play a significant part in identifying what lies in the way of its realisation.

Some vagaries of vision

An exploration of vision can throw up some anomalies. It may be revealed, for example, that something you hold dear as a vision, may in fact turn out to be a fantasy. A fantasy is a vision which you dare not try to bring into reality, for fear of losing it. Vision Navigation is a good way of helping to distinguish this – paving the way towards identifying a vision which is true to you, and supporting the process of bringing into existence.

Vision ‘Takeaways’

1. How can you get what you want if you don't know what it looks like?
We often end up in life working towards a vague goal – or not having a goal in sight at all

2. Is your vision a dream, or just a fantasy?
Putting your vision down on paper can quickly reveal if your vision is really a dream of yours, or simply a fantasy which you’d rather not risk trying to realise, for fear of it not working out.

3. You can have anything you want, if you give up the idea of what it looks like.
Once we express a vision, life can start moving in interesting ways. It may start delivering on your vision, in ways you didn’t expect or imagine. It pays to be open to this – rather than fixed on the picture you have.

To view the full Facebook Live video, please click here.

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